changing over

Hey there loves,

Long time no see
just letting you know that I’m resetting my blog and starting from scratch

i was really unsure if i should have done this but, then again my blog had no major theme

so this is the go as so far 🙂


Priceline Haul

Hey Beautifuls,
Okay so I am now promising to update frequently 🙂
As some of you followers may know I did a impulse drug store haul.
In all seriousness there is nothing wrong with buying makeup from the pharmacy.
Buying high end makeup is expensive and it’s understandable that it isn’t affordable all the time. Some people have this perception that makeup bought from the drug store is of lesser quality. Guys this honestly isn’t true, different skins adapt to different genetics of different cosmetic brands in various ways. Not only that but drug store cosmetic brands tend to also focus on the darker shade spectrum. However this doesn’t mean that high end quality makeup is bad, hands down I love M.A.C cosmetics, their coverage and shade pallet is ace. But this perception that is made about drug store brands for cosmetics is poorly judged. However always be smart with the brands you purchase, read reviews, get advice from friends and make sure you know the company brand name which is producing these products.

NOTE: bought some of these products few days ago

1. I’ve been obsessed over Revlons colour burst matte balms. So I invested in 3 different colours. I love bright colours so shades 245 and 215 were a must have. Having darker skin also means it’s hard to invest in a nice nude but shade 225 out did itself.

Shade 245  Shade 225 Shade 215

Colour burst matte balm
2. bin shades 245, 225 and 215

2. These products are all about the face. I have been looking for mousse foundation and finally I got my hands on Revlons Dream Matte Mousse, I love the maximum coverage of this product. I’ve also had issues with finding a bronzer so I decided to buy a powder instead that could contour my face and luckly Revlon’s Nearly Naked Powder nailed it. To finish it off I bought a all in one pressed powder by Models Preffer.

BB all in one powder in medium/dark. Revlon NN in Dark Tres Fonce 060. Dream Matte Mousse in Medium Beige (medium 3)

BB all in one powder in medium/dark. Revlon NN in Dark Tres Fonce 060. Dream Matte Mousse in Medium Beige (medium 3)

3.Cant have a makeup haul without buying new brushes. I use nude by nature all the time and their brushes are so soft on my skin I could pass the opportunity in buying a full nude by nature brush set. I also bought a stipple brush and contour brush.The nude by nature brush kit came with all the must haves from a powder brush to an angled eye brush. It’s a 7 piece kit.

Nude by nature brush kit and additional contour and stipple brush

Nude by nature brush kit and additional contour and stipple brush

 So there you have it my minimal Priceline (drugstore) haul.

Post Exams Life

Hey Beautifuls

I have finally finished my first semester of uni, this means no exams and a long awaited break. 

I know I have neglected my blog for more than a few week, but had to study for exams and finish the never 

ending assignments that come with university life.

But since break has begun I wanted to know what you guys had in mind / what your plans are for the break.

If a lot you don’t know I’m off to Bali in a few weeks so I’ve also been planning a tropical trip away 🙂

I promise to update frequently !!!!!!!!!!! 


oh and please follow me on instagram to keep tabs on me ❤ 


Love you all so much 

Retail Therapy Revealed

Hey Beautiful’s

As you may know I had a small shopping haul in April but never got around to revealing everything I bought. So here is the blog post that reveals all my buys for April.

I bought 2 pairs of shoes from Freelance Parramatta, I bought staple black flats which I wear often to uni and a pair of white heels which are extremely comfortable. I did wear the white heels to the wedding in April as well and the soles of the shoes are amazingly soft that I last the whole day and night in them (includes dancing as well). The flats are comfortable as well but they are slightly fragile in terms of material as it’s suede.

Freelance Shoes

Shoe Pair No.1 : Verali Becky Heels:

                                                                       Shoe Pair No.2 : Freelance Buttoned Black Flats
Freelance Black Freelance Black 2

I purchased two dresses online, one from the almighty ASOS and another from Stelly.
The ASOS Dress is a casual floral patterned dress where as the Stelly dress is floral as well but can be daily transitioned between day and night. The Stelly dress was the dress worn to the wedding in April.

Dress No.1 : ASOS Floral Casual (it’s not available anymore)
What I really liked about this dress was the slight high neck, the pattern reminded me of a exotic getaway.
Asos Floral Casual

Dress No.2 : Stelly Lime Meringue Dress: 
I loved this because it was backless dress and the stitching in the front created a flow effect, but most of all the royal colours allowed both a formal day and night look.
Stelly Lime Meringue Dress

Stelly.L.M Dress
Stelly.L.M.D pattern

That’s majority of what I bought, but you must be thinking that I’ve forgotten the coach bag. I haven’t but I want to do a separate post for the beautiful leather bag. So keep a look out for a new post.

Love Shiv

Much Delayed Melbourne Update

Hey Beautiful’s,

Long time no blogging

I do apologise I’ve caught up at uni and have neglected my blog

But here is the long awaited travel diary of Melbourne.

Okay so Melbourne trip in April was dedicated to my cousins wedding a
Quick 5 day trip.


We had a long road trip to Melbourne we started the day early 6:30am start
They were several stops to stretch and so on. Due to Melbourne city traffic we arrived at our destination at roughly 7:30pm.

They were pre wedding events as a usually indian wedding does however because it was a Greek Indian wedding there was a bit of a lovely twist.

The day before the wedding I wore a beautiful indian outfit with a royal combination of maroon and a beautiful deep green with gold.
Sadly I don’t have a proper photo of myself wearing it.

For the wedding which was a white wedding I wore a backless floral dress enriched with a gold mixture of royal blues and oranges, it was also halter and backless.
It was the perfect dress that could easily transition from day to night.
The location of the wedding was beyond beautiful, on a mountain where the greenery gave the ceremony scenery that fairytale touch.



Here is how the reception decorations looked liked, it may have been simple but it was elegance and love in one package.


I know it was a quick and rushed update but I will update tomorrow
Love Shiv